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Crossoaks Farm
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Well End
Nr. Borehamwood
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Precision Agriculture

ATBone's historical drive to remain at the forefront of the industry and the ever increasing competitiveness of the global market has played a large role in ATBone's investment into precision agriculture.

Increasing efficiency is something that is only going gain in importance as the growing population puts a strain on resources whilst still demanding higher food production.

ATBone has invested in a combination of the latest technology, including:

  • GateKeeper Software - allowing a more structured and analytical approach to the farming process 
  • GPS mapping - allowing identification and zoning of good/bad soil within a field
  • Yield mapping - record of results determines areas of field underperforming and management plan can be created accordingly
  • RTK Kinematics- automatic steering on tractors, reducing overlap
  • Variable rate seed, fertiliser and pesticide application- allowing optimal germination whilst avoiding blanket application 
The combination of these technologies and intrinsic knowledge of ATBone has enabled  a reduction of environmentally damaging inputs and increase in profit margins. 
With experience in the area of precision technology, ATBone have bee able to transfer these skills across to ATB Sports Solutions and the sports turf industry, in which they have launched their Nutrient Profiliing service. Click Here.