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Crossoaks Farm
Crossoaks Lane
Well End
Nr. Borehamwood
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Manege Construction

Manege Construction

Over the years we have found the necessity to provide recreation and exercise areas for the liveries at both Crossoaks and Earls Farm. Using our experience of Earthmoving, Drainage and Construction, it was natural progression for us to design and build these areas using our own men and machinery, to our own design and specification. As we completed the riding surfaces, it became clear through local interest, that our techniques had raised interest and subsequent commissions resulted.
We have completed many bespoke riding schools to a variety of different specifications. The largest variation would be in the final surface of the school. These surfaces would range from pure sand based arenas to Passada, rubber and more recently Clopf, a new generation surface material supplied by Martin Collins, which required a new set of skills to install.

Manege Services
We can offer a totally adaptive service to include one or all of the following:
• Site Survey
• Project Design
• Procurement of Materials
• Earthmoving and Drainage
• Fencing
• Landscaping
• Ancillary Construction i.e. viewing areas etc.
• Surface Construction
• Supply of maintenance equipment
• Irrigation, either temporary or permanent
• Dressage mirrors
• Jump storage racks
• Supply and installation of lighting
• Supply and erection of indoor arenas

Manege Rejuvenation
We also offer a "Manege Rejuvenation" service. If your manege was installed to consistent levels, using a theodolite or laser, we may be able to bring your surface back to life with our laser guided equipment. This would involve both accurate levelling, to remove low spots and deep cultivation to within millimetres of the sub base to relieve compaction and hence improving drainage. This can often save the more costly option of total surface removal and excavation of sub base.

Equine Maintenance Services

Other services we offer are as a result of the experience we have attained from running our own stabling and livery business for over 25 years.
These include:
• All aspects of property maintenance and construction
• Paddock maintenance and improvement services. These include harrowing, rolling, spraying, fertilising, reseeding etc.
• Ditching and drainage work
• Hedging and hedge trimming
• Muck removal and spreading
In fact most areas involved in equine environment maintenance and improvement