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Jamie Melrose

Growing Crops Manager


Jamie joined ATB in 2015 having been working with Anglian Peas as a fieldsman. Having studied for his BASIS and FACTs during his time with us, he is well equipped for making the agronomic decisions. Jamie is instrumental in regularly consulting with all the acting Governing bodies and Farming standards certifications, covering matters relating to Water Quality, Soil Management, Cross Compliance, Advance Habitat and Biodiversity Enhancement and Environmental Deployments.

He also prides himself in remaining up to date with the ever-changing Agricultural Standards and markets to ensure high quality commodities are put to the market at optimum times so ride volatile markets.

Jamie sees himself as a ‘social media sensation’ and regularly sends us agronomic videos in the field to keep us up to date with the current conditions. After work, you will regularly find Jamie not riding his very expensive road bike and in the pub with Dom.


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