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The Oval Cricket Ground

The Oval Cricket Ground

Project background:

After performing a successful regrading of the top 25mm of the 52 pitch cricket square in 2013, Surrey CC invited ATB back in 2017 to reconstruct 5 wickets; 2 central match wickets and 3 practice wickets.

The two central wickets were excavated to a depth of 65mm, the sub-base was  tilthed up and regraded and a new 65mm topping of sand modified binders loam was imported  consolidated and graded.

The 3 practice wickets were excavated to a depth of 300mm, a 150mm stone sub-base was imported consolidated and graded as required. On top of this 150mm of sand modified loam was again imported consolidated and graded.


Key Works:

  • 5 wicket dig out and reconstruct
  • Design and build project working closely with the ECB
  • Importation of sand modified Binders Ongar loam




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