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The Benefits of Aggregate Pathways

The Benefits of Aggregate Pathways

Aggregate is one of the most popular choices for pathways due to its combination of strength, appearance and affordability.

Many different materials can be used as aggregates, and each has slightly different advantages, but the key benefits of using aggregate for a pathway are similar no matter what material is used. 

It’s these benefits that make aggregate one of the best choices for laying a pathway. Read on to learn more about these benefits.


Aggregate pathways offer unlimited design choices. By altering the type, volume and colour of aggregate used, you can alter the overall look of your pathway. Aggregate pathways can be tailored to your choice of shape, colour and texture.

Different finishes can be achieved even when using the same mixes. You can seamlessly transition from a polished floor to an outdoor finishing with a non-slippery texture.


Aggregates are popular because they are cost-effective to produce and to lay. 

Aggregates can be produced from the byproducts of materials used in other projects. For example, a commercial construction project may have excess concrete that can be crushed into tiny parts to use as an aggregate.

Installing aggregate pathways is relatively quick and inexpensive, too.


Aggregate pathways are resistant to harsh weather conditions. They can soak in torrential rain without losing strength and the binding agent won’t get loosened by heavy winds. This makes for a more reliable surface; you don’t have to worry when a storm is forecast.

Low maintenance

Not only is an aggregate pathway relatively cost-effective to produce and lay, but it’s also cheap to maintain. That’s because it has great strength and durability and rarely requires repair work. It’s simple to clean, too — a simple hose down with water will leave it looking great.

High-weight capacity

You don’t need to worry about heavy loads damaging the surface. Aggregate driveways can withstand heavy loads. This makes it ideal for use where vehicles might be travelling over it, such as golf courses.

In fact, AT Bone is a leading provider of aggregate pathways for golf courses. We produce stunning pathways that can manage the weight of golf carts without any damage, creating a durable and reliable surface. The pathways can be decorated to your liking with your choice of decorative aggregates, and the whole process is cost-effective in the short and long term.

AT Bone is a diversified agribusiness based in Hertfordshire. We provide a range of services across the agricultural, civil engineering, sports and biomass sectors. Our team can install aggregate pathways for a range of businesses and needs, plus, we use high-quality aggregates, creating custom designs in various shapes, colours and textures. Trust AT Bone to get the most from your landscaping

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